Fusing cutting-edge technology with unparalleled risk management services.

The founding members of the SUMBA team have worked in the amusement industry for over a decade. Starting with zip lines, moving to giant ninja warrior and challenge courses, and finally into building out and designing over 55 complete family entertainment center’s, while providing services to over 100 facilities worldwide.

Identify Risk

Our main focus at SUMBA is to identify any possible risks to your family entertainment center’s attractions, equipment, and high-traffic areas. The SUMBA App’s custom built checklists ensure that your employees are thoroughly inspecting the proper components of each attraction and piece of equipment.

Optimize Safety

SUMBA works to mitigate identifiable risks in order to minimize, monitor, and control the probability of events. Through the SUMBA App you will be able to order replacement parts for any broken components of your attractions or equipment. You will also have access to request a certified SUMBA Squad member to perform the installation of your replacement part, or even perform general maintenance to your attractions.

Maximize Cost Savings

Our combination of qualified professionals and digital solutions can decrease the effects of a loss and provide valuable savings through less downtime, reduced insurance premiums, and access to verifiable documentation of compliance that can reduce the impact of litigation.

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