How Does SUMBA Help Improve Your FEC?

Still a little skeptical? Well, we completely understand that it might be a little hard to believe that all of your FEC management problems could be solved with one little app, but we promise you…it is exactly that simple. Don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to check out our the SUMBA app for yourself and see how  this revolutionary tool can put you back into the drivers seat of your FEC.

What Does SUMBA Offers FEC's?

The SUMBA app is jam packed with all the tools you need to manage and maintain every aspect of your park. Additional features include:


Sumba uses it’s own integrated user authentication system. Each user has their own personal login. All actions are recorded, time-stamped, and categorized per user for internal organizational transparency. Users provisioned as a manager or administrator can see all inspections, training, maintenance requests, incident reports, and notifications in real time from the comfort of their home office while operations are taking place around the world in their entire organization.


Sumba has created our E-learning module complete with the full library of resources from the Fun Spot Academy with their vast hard drive of operations manuals from their entire catalogue of vendor partners; as well as a vast library of instructional and training videos and manuals. Sumba has built a patented training system which allows you to educate, train, test, and record all results and training history for each individual user in your organization; as well as set alerts for retraining and retesting for each individual. This allows you immediate real-time access to the training and education levels of your entire staff.


Sumba was built by inspectors and builders for inspectors and operators. Sumba was designed conceptually with one baseline goal in mind. Making it easier on Adventure park owner/operators to facilitate their Inspection and Maintenance operations. As issues are identified using Sumba you will have the ability to generate maintenance, repair, replacement part, and alert tickets immediately within the Sumba platform. These can be shared via Sumba’s patented ticketing system to anyone pre-set within your customized network. Being a SUMBA customer will give you access to our vast, global Network of vetted and certified Maintenance Technicians. Providing nearly instant solutions for all of your park needs.


One of the separating factors in the Sumba process is the attachment of high- resolution photos and videos to nearly every step of the inspection process. Sumba is a cloud-based software platform that stores all of its information immutably and indefinitely within the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Each inspection is saved forever so that nothing can be deleted or edited after the fact. This provides the best legal defensibility achievable for your facility. With your Sumba subscription, unlike most competitors, you can add unlimited users within your location. Data storage is also unlimited per location.

Why Choose SUMBA?


Solve your problems by utilizing the SUMBA App’s real-time solutions for inspections, training, parts ordering, maintenance, and data collection.


SUMBA has several certified inspectors on staff and works diligently with industry leaders and regulatory authorities to ensure we provide the highest quality service & knowledge to our clients.


The SUMBA App allows you to identify employee errors and hold them accountable, as well as the ability to analyze contributing factors and data.


We work hand in hand with the major insurance providers within the amusement industry and have been named “Best in Class” by Haas & Wilkerson Insurance for all app-based risk management services.


Reduce the downtime of your attractions with SUMBA Squad services in order to keep your facility up and running and keep revenue flowing in.

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